Branding & Positioning

When entering the market with a new business you need to understand your target audience and position your offer accordingly.
Everything you put out in the world communicates a message – consciously or subconsciously.
If you are not aware and in total control of this message your business taps in the dark acquiring customers randomly rather than in a predictable fashion.

There are a many businesses that operate out of this randomness simply because they became operationally blind or have never worked out their positioning and strategy in the first place. We develop this stragy for and with you, clarifying your businesses strenghts and weaknesses far beyond a regular SWOT analysis.
Once you truly understand what your target audience wants and what your USPs are, all of your marketing efforts will dramatically increase in efficiency and impact. A concise strategy will prevent you from spending money on unneccessairy marketing activities that might or might not work. Much rather you will find yourself testing marketing channels in a controlled fashion, spending money in the most effective places only after a short period of time.

Websites & Funnels

A website can be a simple online-businesscard.
Key-information presented in a way that aligns with your core identity, consice and to-the-point.

But it can also be much more than that!
Your website can potentially become the main platform on which your customers / fans / etc.  interact with you.
It all depends on the user journey they experience when visiting your website and you intention behind it.
Your website could be a gallery, an archive, a news outlet, an online-store and many more things – whatever you can imagine!

Effective Landing Pages and Funnels incorporate various elements from text to video and are optimized for phones and computers alike.
Discover the most recent ways to stand out from the crowd and draw attention to your offer by using the best-suited formats and experiences.

CRM Systems

Once your perfected marketing stategy is yielding results, managing and optimizing your customer relations will become an increasingly important task.

A custom-built CRM system which is optimized exactly on the individual needs of your business or operation – is a gamechanger.
It stops you and your employees from pulling information from a variety of sources and being in the dark about anything.
Implement workflows that will make your employees love to use the system – not just use it because they have to!

Automate your marketing activities, send out reciepts from the same interface you manage your inventory from, prepare required information for bookkeeping and much more. We promise to find the best solution avaliable for your specific situation – only pay for what you really need and understand why you need it.