Production, Recording, Mixing & Mastering.  Our studio is equipped with state-of-the-art gear for the most important tasks. From performances to voiceovers, we bring out the best qualities of your voice. Our signal chain consists of classics like the vintage Neumann U87, Neve 1073 preamp and high-end converters. Two speaker systems in a great sounding room – with concrete walls and floor – offer complementing perspectives that help us perfect your sound. Enjoy the creative atmosphere with no distractions and everything at your disposal to turn your ideas into reality.

TPOC has been a homestudio up until recently when I’ve rented the current premise. Over the years I’ve visited many studios and collected impressions on the different approaches. When designing this space, I tried to incorporate all the benefits and nice things about the studios that I’ve seen and heard, while avoiding the drawbacks. While the equipment and acoustics are certainly important, what I’ve learned to be even more important is how a studio makes you feel. A relaxed & cozy, yet focused work environment brings out the best performances – the most important factor of any recording.